December 12, 2013 | Pedro G.

Ring in the ear

For the poast fifteen years I have had ringing in my left ear; I went to many doctors and they gave me no hope.

I began to ask God to provide the means for the relief because it was very uncomfortable. I had heard that acupuncture was very effective.

I accidently came upon Dr. Yeh's office that was advertising a cure for ringing in the ear.

I quickly made an appointment and began the treatments. The ringing in my ear stopped.

I thank God and Dr. Yung C. Yeh.

Pedro G. G.

October 2013 | Julie S.


I was unfortunate to have Migraines most of my life. They were at least responding to medication, and a day in bed in total darkness about a month ago, I suddenly got the most debilitating headache, and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. They did a CAT scan and found no swelling or bleeding. They deducted it was a very very bad Migraine. I was completely out of it.

After having received medication for the pain, they sent me home with a prescription for future Migraine. It got so bad, I had the headache every day and eventually the medication did not work. I was frantic. I remembered that my husband had acupuncture for a bad back and it was very successful, even though it was Saturday morning, we looked in the yellow pages for an acupuncturist and found Dr. Yeh. We called, and he said come right in!!

The day I walked in, I was in severe pain and quite depressed. Dr. Yeh had such patience with me, and after a while I began to feel the headache diminish. Dr. Yeh helped me when I needed help and I will be indebted to him and his treatments for I am headache free now!

I recommend Dr. Yeh to any one who is in any kind of pain!!!

Julie S.

August 20, 2013 | Bruce L.

Left knee

I have been going for treatment for an injury to my left knee from a fall off my horse at the end January 2012. I had traditional medicine look at the knee right after fall. No breaks but it was still swollen and I was taking medication to help the pain. But it was still painful.

A friend told me about Dr. Jane Yeh and I decided to go to the clinic. I was taking treatment everyday for a few weeks, and things were getting much better. I was able to walk better, and bend the knee. Finally at the beginning of June I was able to take a motorcycle trip to Atlanta and back. This was over two thousand miles and I rode this in one week.

I would recommend Dr. Jane Yeh for treatment of the pain and release it. I will continue her treatment.

Bruce L.
Garland, TX

July 12, 2013 | J.C. Heney

Hearing loss

I decided to try acupuncture for slight hearing loss which I have noticed coming on gradually. I am retirement age and work a part-time job. I began to notice that I was having to ask twice what someon said on the telephone. I was making appointment and the name of the person was important to take down accurately.

Mr. Yeh thought that he could help me with acupuncture but that it would take about 30 times to make a difference. Since the price was reasonable, I decided to try.

I had had a hearing test at the beginning of the acupuncture and it showed that I was hearing normally. However, as mentioned above, I knew that I wasn't hearing as sharply as I could be.

Tomorrow will be my last visit with Mr. Yeh. It has been a pleasant experience. I was hearing better this week on the telephone, and the TV setting was not as high.

My hope is that the good hearing will be sustained in the future.

BJ.C. Heney

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