October 19, 2010 | Glen C.

had periodic episodes of vertigo for about 15 years


My husband has had periodic episodes of vertigo for about 15 years. Recently, he had an episode and routine medications, to include antihistamine and motion sickness medications, did not seem to help. We elected to try acupuncture as an alternative treatment after several weeks of vertigo and no response to western medicines. His vertigo resolved within 2 weeks. Also been more focused and able to accomplish more in a day than before the vertigo. So, thank you Dr. Yeh. I would highly recommend the treatments provided by Dr. Yeh to anyone.

Dr. Debby Dailey

After having been diagnosed with Meniere's disease in 1995, and having only minor episodes of vertigo since then, I found myself with Vertigo again in August 2010. I had vertigo for several weeks and anti-vert drugs were ineffective. I sought acupuncture treatment from Dr. Yeh, and within two weeks my vertigo has subsided. I found myself much more confident and able to complete many tasks that had been "works in progress" for a long time. My wife could tell the difference in my behavior on days when I had acupuncture treatment and days with no treatment. Thank you, Dr. Yeh, for helping me to become much more productive again.


Glen C.


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