April 28, 2011 | Christina E.

Suffered from sever sinus and allergies


To Whom It May Concern

My name is Christina Eddington and for long time, I have suffered from sever sinus and allergies. In Feburary of 2011, I started the treatment of acupuncture with Dr. Yeh and after the first visit I felt the difference. I was able to breathe better, fell stronger, my eyes were brighter and the congestion was pretty much gone. Besides, Dr. Yeh is a very good doctor and he knows what he's doing. I'm so thankful to God that I met him because he cured me of my allergies and sinus.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering from sinus and allergy problems.

Thanks Dr. Yeh for everything you had done for me.


Christina E.

June 27, 2008 | Colin

suffered from severe sinus problems and allergies


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Colin and I am 39 years old. All of my life, I have suffered from severe sinus problems and allergies. Every year I would have to take antibiotics several times to combat sinus infections. Often the initial antibiotic treatment would not work and in a few weeks, I would have to take more. In addition, I have received immunotherapy treatment (injections several times a week) from two different allergists and never really received relief for my problems.

In May of 2008, I sought the treatment of Drs. Yeh. At that time, I was taking three prenoscriptions for my allergies (nasal spray, oral antihistamine and eye drops) and was still having itching eyes and severe nasal issues. I was also taking twice the prescribed amount of antihistamine just to be able to breathe.

After the first few treatments, I no longer had to take my medications and was able to breathe much better. As the treatment continued, my problems improved and now I am able to work in the yard and enjoy being outside for the first time in a very long while. My sleep has improved and I am no longer tired all of the time. Best of all, I can function normally because I am not drowsy from taking antihistamines.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering from sinus and allergy problems. Each treatment shows improvement and I am very happy with the results. The amount of treatments may seem to be a lot, but the result is worth the inconvenience of the time expense.


Dallas, Texas

January 17, 2012 | Jane

For years I have suffered from severe sinus headaches


Dear Drs. Yeh,

First I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. It is hard to believe that I started coming to your office just over 3 months ago.

For years I have suffered from severe sinus headaches. I have tried several standard allergy medicines, nose sprays (that just gave me nose bleeds) and even sinus surgery. I had surgery about 3 years ago and it was supposed to be the answer to all my headaches. That lasted about 6 months. My headaches were so severe that I would miss at least a day of work a month (my sick days have been all used up). My husband was getting frustrated with me because I felt bad all the time. It took me a while to get to you but I am glad I did. I made up my mind one day that I didn’t want to be hooked on drugs (prenoscription or over-the-counter) forever, so I decided to try acupuncture.

Since coming to you, in May 08, and being treated for my sinuses, I have had no severe headaches. I really like that your treatment is not just focused on acupuncture, you include so many more treatments. I also think your experience with patients like me also clued you in that my headaches may not all be sinus related, so you chose to do sinus treatments and tension treatments. And the combo has worked!

I am also grateful to you because I feel your stress treatments for weight-loss helped my husband and I conceive. Whether it was because we were more relaxed or because he and I lost 8 and 6 pounds respectively over a 3 week period, whatever it was, I truly believe it helped.

I feel much more connected with my body since starting treatments with you and there could not be a better couple to come to for alternative treatments.

I feel great and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Sachse, TX

July 5, 2008 | Julie

with the loss of smell and taste


To Whom It May Concern:

I have had sinus problems most of my adult life, but more severe problems since 1998. In 1999 I had surgery to remove nasal polyps only to have them return. I have sinus infections about once or twice a year that last for months and result in severe headaches, lose of smell and taste. My condition does not respond to most medications (antibiotics, nasal spray, antihistamines or decongestants) and sometimes make my condition worse.

In May of 2008, I was referred to Drs. Yeh by my husband’s co-worker. I was suffering from a sinus infection that had already lasted about a month with the loss of smell and taste. After several treatments, I started feeling better and my sense of smell and taste returned. I have since stopped all medications and finally feel like I am on the road to recovery.

I would strongly urge anyone who suffers from any sinus problems to give Dr. Yehs the opportunity to treat them. Not only are they very knowledgeable and committed, they are very caring. The hours that they keep at their office allows me to be able to make my appointments after work if necessary.




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