March 21, 2011 | Anita S.

in the top of my head and the right side of my face


In February 2011, I contacted Dr. Jane Yeh of the Dallas Acupuncture and Nasal Treatment Center to inquire about treatment for pain from a long-lasting case of Shingles. I came down with the Shingles in June of 2009. I endured such extreme pain and the medical doctors could only mask the pain. Their only offer of any kind of relief was Pain Management Treatment which required addictive drugs and no promise of relief. I was taking so many pain pills that some days I couldn't function. Some days I was not able to drive my car and go to work. My employer suggested that I contact our insurance company to inquire of treatment through acupuncture. I did so and was given Dr. Jane's name as the best in the area.

My Shingles was located in the top of my head and the right side of my face - what was termed "the Mask". My whole right side of face and head had no feeling, except the deep nerve damage. I still had lesions in my hair when I went to Dr. Jane. The pain was unbearable and I had lost hope of any type of life. I had such painful headaches. I had been told by my medical doctors that my nerves might eventually rejuvenate, but they could not promise anything. The longer I experienced the pain, they told me the less likelihood that the pain would ever go away. After just 6 treatments with Dr. Jane, the pain was gone. I did experience some pressure in my forehead and the bridge of my nose - but no pain. My right eye was still swollen from the 20 months of pain and pressure. Dr. Jane, began to work on my eye area with infrared heat. I noticed every day that I had treatment that I felt better in some area of my body. I only wish that someone had told me about Dr. Jane many months before in order that I would not have had to endure those long months of the worst pain in my life.

I highly recommended Dr. Jane for her assistance to me when I most needed it. She gave me a pain free life again and hope that I will continue to have pain free tomorrows. I have already recommended her to several people with Shingles, and other painful problems. Finding Dr. Jane and her clinic proved to be one of the best things in my life. Her treatment and her method of treating the Shingles has renewed my health and my life.


Anita S.

August 8, 2010 | Edith C

left me with post herpetic neuralgia, pain for 15 years



In April, 1995 I had a severe case of shingles that left me with post herpetic neuralgia. I had the pain for 15 years. I wasn't getting much sleep as the pain kept me up. So, I tried acupuncture, two pain clinics, a research program for shingles pain and various other methods, but nothing worked for me. Then I received a flyer from Dallas Acupuncture & Nasal Treatment. I decided to try acupuncture again.

In April I contacted Dr. Jane Yeh of the aforementioned clinic and started treatment. At present I am 95% pain free and can now sleep at nights thanks to Dr. Jane Yeh's expertise and patience. I highly recommend her capabilities in acupuncture healing.


Edith C
Dallas, Texas


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