August 21, 2008 | Donald

from the center of lower back down the right leg


To Whom It May Concern:

I came to Dr. Yeh with a severe case of sciatica on July 31, 2008. The pain was so bad; I could not drive or sit in a car. I could not sit down or sleep as the pain was so bad from the center of lower back down the right leg.

When I entered his office, I could not stand to fill out the necessary paper work for him.

I receive the first treatment at 4pm and another at 1pm the following day. I saw immediate improvement after the first treatment, but substantial improvement after the second treatment. I returned every other day for a week and continued to see improvement after each treatment. The pain continued to lessen, and after a week, I was able to again drive my car.

The pain is now tolerable. And I am down to one treatment per week. And expect to be apin free in the next couple of weeks.

I highly recommend Dr. Yeh if you are suffering from sciatic pain.




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