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July 29, 2011 | Devina

Right Achilles tendon


I am pleased to write this testimonial about Dr. Jane Yeh and the Dallas Acupuncture Clinic. I have seen Dr. Yeh for 8 weeks and the progress she has made with my injury is phenomenal.

I injured my right Achilles tendon in January 2011 and was prescribed several different anti-inflammatory pills over several months by my podiatrist. In addition to the anti-inflammatory pills, I was on crutches for weeks, wore a huge boot on my foot and subsequently injured my left Achilles tendon from the additional strain. For five long months I continued seeing my podiatrist who prescribed more pills and had me switch the boot to the other foot each time I reinjured the other tendon. It was at the end of the five months that I became desperate to try an alternative treatment so I contacted a coworker who had seen Dr. Jane’s husband years ago for another illness and had great success. So I made my first appointment in June and hobbled into her office wearing my boot and explained my injury. Dr. Jane put me right at ease saying she could help me, but it would take some time because I had waited so long to see her and my injury was very severe. I am so happy to tell you that today I am out of the boot, off the crutches and off all pain medication. My progress over the last 8 weeks has been remarkable, considering what I endure for the first 5 months of the year under a traditional doctor’s care. I believe Dr. Jane’s skill at treating the actual problem versus masking it with pain medication is why my recovery has been so successful. Although I’m not a 100% yet, I’m very close and looking forward to getting back to my exercise classes on a regular basis. I encourage anyone with an injury or illness that traditional medicine has not cured to try Dr. Yeh’s treatment. I’m certainly glad I did.


Thank you Dr. Yeh!


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