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September 20, 2012 | Norma H

Low back pain

It is with pleasure that I am writing this testimonial regarding Dr. Jane Yeh. I am writing on behalf of my dad, Rolando Lozano, who has suffered from chronic leg and lower back pain for many years. Doctors diagnosed my dad with severe arthritis in his back and a herniated disk. The doctors recommended medication, physical therapy and surgery. Pain pills do help relieve his pain but hinder other skills such as driving, etc. The physical therapy temporary elevated his pain. Dad tried for years to get rid of his pain to no vain. The last option left was surgery which my dad did not want to consider. My dad was ready to give up finding relief as his pain was starting to seriously affect his life.

So, in desperation, I reached out to friends and family for advice. It was a fortunate day for me when my best friend, Anita, who had been suffering with the Shingles, recommended and directed me to Dr. Yeh. Being of Latin decent, our culture does not usually practice alternative medical treatments. At first my dad was skeptical, but Dr. Yeh welcomed us and explained which special points she would be stimulating to help release the tension in the muscles and help restore proper function to the nerves. In a matter of about an hour, my dad explained that he felt a deep sense of tranquility as the muscles in his body relaxed and melted away the tension and stress he had been experiencing due to an ongoing eminent domain / encroachment battle against the Dallas Independent School District. After the first session, my dad noticed that his pain in his legs had elevated and noticed that he was walking with better ease. Over the next few months my dad continued to improve, not only had the pain in his legs and lower back been reduced dramatically in frequency and intensity, but he was also sleeping better too. Dr. Yeh’s treatment also relieved some of the stress, anxiety and fear caused by the Dallas ISD as they move forward with demolition and destruction in my Dad’s community.

I am a true believer in acupuncture and I tell all my friends about Dr. Jane Yeh. We have discovered that Dr. Yeh is an extremely professional and knowledgeable practitioner of Acupuncture who inspires trust and confidence. Her genuine interests in the overall wellbeing of her clients are key aspects of her successful treatments. Anyone suffering with stress or back and leg pain should see an acupuncturist and give it a try. I highly recommend acupuncture and will always suggest a visit to Dr. Jane Yeh.

With much gratitude,
Norma H

January 17, 2012 | Wally

lower 5 discs in back crushed and severe Rheumatoid Arthritus

To whom it may concern:

Memo about Dallas Acupuncture and N.T. Treatment

Dr. Yung C. Yeh Jane Yeh, L. AC

In June 0f 2009 I visited the office of Dr. Yeh because of very painful difficulty walking. I am a disabled Viet Nam Veteran with lower 5 discs in back crushed and severe Rheumatoid Arthritus. 5 different back doctors and Surgeons refused to do anything with my hopeless condition. I have taken pain killers for years and prenoscription level doses of anti-inflamitory drugs. (Nsaids) In February 2009 I had to stop Nsaids due to bleeding intestine. (needed blood transfusion) Stopping Nsaids led to very severe pain that pain killers would not help much.

In a period of 5 visits to the office of Dr. Yeh, I could walk without my walker. Then I had to stop treatment due to 3 months of hospital stays and recuperation of other organ problems. When I resumed visits they got my right arm working again. (rotator cuff problems) and started working on lower back and hips. I can now walk without pain and am working on strengthening back to keep nerves from tightening up in legs and causing pain.

Pain killers have not even put a dent in my problems. Acupuncture works much better and lasts.

I did a lot of studying before seeking treatment and am completely believing in acupuncture over other medical apporaches to joint, nerve and muscle problems. It works very well for me and the alternatives do not work very well in the long term. Some other things help a little bit, but Dr. Yeh is very good at what he does and provides a complete solution. You just have to do as he says and follow his procedures. No short cuts and follow the complete program until he is done.

Reference provided on request:
Wally P.
USN Retired
Wylie, TX

March 24, 2009 | Valerie

lower back pain, strain, and muscle spasms for several years

Dear Dr. Yeh:

Please accept this correspondence as an expression of my gratitude for the wonderful treatment and results I have received. It is difficult for others to understand exhaustion and hopelessness a person feels when constant pain or anxiety exists.

I have experienced constant lower back pain, strain, and muscle spasms for several years. There has been on hospital admittance to Plan Presbyterian Hospital, numerous weeks of physical therapy at the Texas Back Institute (twice a week at $80.00 a visit), and too many medications to remember. I have had to cancel trips, both pleasure and business, because of my inability to sit or walk for extended periods of time. And briefly, I will mention the lack of ability to do household chores, or work in my yard and flower beds. Sleeping has been almost impossible without drugs. I work a full time job, and by the end of each day I am totally exhausted and ready for relief, which meant drugs. This WAS my life, until I met you.

I have an acquaintance who is a patient of yours that for 3 years kept telling me to go visit Dr. Yeh. On Tuesday, March 3rd (just 3 weeks ago) I was at the end of my rope. I asked my friend to call you and see if I can get an appointment. You saw me the very next day, Wednesday, March 4th. In only 6 treatments, my life has changed so much. No more pain or discomfort, no drugs, I am sleeping, I can manage around the house and at work, I can make plans to travel; overall, I feel my old self. I can’t thank you enough.

However, I will admit my arrogance and procrastination in accepting acupuncture as a method of treatment, after all, who am I to have questioned (wrongfully) for so long a science millennium old. I am truly grateful.

Richardson, TX 75082

December 26,2010 | Brenda L.

caused by spinal stenosis and 4 low back surgeries

Dear Dr. Yeh:

I am writing this to let you know that I have greatly benefited from your acupuncture treatments, though I must admit, I had my doubts that acupuncture would help me.

I presented to you a difficult case involving serve, chronic low back pain, caused by spinal stenosis and 4 low back surgeries, further complicated by rheumatoid arthritis. I had to quit working in 2004 due to my diagnosis and have suffered severe pain, particularly in the low back, for these past six years.

I had my first back surgery, a lamy-fusion, in 1991 as a result of a work injury. In 2006, I had a surgery that was supposed to correct spinal stenosis, but instead, the bone implant failed to stay in place and I had to have a corrective surgery as a result. It was these two surgeries that caused me the most severe back pain, probably as a result of scar tissue. Then in 2009, I had to have another low back surgery on a degenerated disk. By the time I came to you, I was taking at least 2 pain medications a day and my prognosis was not very good. I found it difficult to walk, stand, or sit for prolonged periods. My quality of life was rapidly deteriorating.

In November (2010) my best friend suggested I try acupuncture. While I had always been reluctant to try non-traditional treatment, I was in so much pain and so tired of taking pain medications, I figured, why not try it; surely it could not be any worse. So I made an appointment to see Dr. Yeh.

My first treatment with Dr. Yeh was painful, but he told me that having had 4 surgeries, no wonder I was in so much pain. He was very kind and told me if I would stick with it for at least 30-treatments, that I would fell better. My alternatives would have been Flexeril and Vicodin, or steroid shots or what is worse, possibly a 5th surgery. I told him I would stick with him to see if I could feel better.

To be honest, I did not feel better physically until after the 11th acupuncture treatment. I had to stop by the store after my treatment and not my surprise, I did not feel that debilitating low back pain that I normally felt when I went grocery shopping. In fact, I was able to stand in line and pay for my purchases without grimacing in agony. My shopping trips had largely been curtailed because it was simply too painful to walk through the aisles and then stand in line to pay. But, after my 11th treatment, I noticed that I completed the shopping trip and I wasn't in pain. I made a great deal of improvement, and Dr. Yeh even told me that I was walking much better.

I like to do research when I am undergoing any new treatment and I did my research on acupuncture. I wanted to understand how it works. I read one western medical journal article that said simply: "we don't know how it works, but we know that it works." I agree. I don't know how it is that I feel better and am physically able to do things like walking, shopping, exercising without severe pain and discomfort. I just know that after 20 treatments, acupuncture has helped me unlike any traditional medical treatments I have undergone.

Thank you, Dr. Yeh
Brenda L.

September 2, 2011 | Ron

Low Back Pain & Sciatica Pain

This letter is being written to enlighten those non-believers that acupuncture really works. I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my lower back and severe sciatic nerve damage. This condition caused me considerable pain when walking for longer than 10 minutes. My legs would become numb and I would lose feeling in my legs. I had been suffering through this for several years. Finally, my wife convinced me to try acupuncture from Dr. Jane at the Dallas Acupuncture Clinic. (She had gotten this recommendation from a friend of hers.)

I started my treatments at the end of July of this year. Because of the severity of my situation and the fact that I waited so long for treatment, Dr. Jane started seeing me daily for three weeks until I was about 95% better. Then I went to three times per week and now am ready to resume my exercise routine. Dr. Jane’s method of treatment really works and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone having prolonged pain. Acupuncture does not hurt but does relieve pain, and in my case, seems to have corrected the situation.

A happy patient,
Ron M.

August 21, 2008 | Kristi

severed my tail bone from the spinal cord

My name is Kristi and I became a patient of Dr. Yeh’s due to severe back pain. In June of 2005 I slipped on some wet stairs and forever changed my life. I severed my tail bone from the spinal cord and was in the most terrible pain. Since that time I have also been diagnosed with two herniated disc, spinal stenosis and degenerative spine.

I have undergone surgery to remove my tail bone, two caudal blocks, three steroid injections and a facet rhizotomy and was still in constant pain. I again attempted to find some relief and had SI joint injections and two SI joint rhizotomies. I also tried physical therapy three times. Again, while it may have improved my situation, I was still in pain and not living the life I had planned. I was still relying on prenoscription medication to make it through the day. At My lowest point I believe I was taking eight pain pills but was still very uncomfortable.

To say the least, I was once again at the end of my rope and felt I had exhausted every means to improve my condition. By chance or coincidence, my brother referred me to Dr. Yeh.

After one week of treatment I had cut my pain medication to one a day!! That to me was a miracle. My husband told him he finally heard me laugh like I sued to, my spirits were starting to lift and I felt hopeful again. It has been about three weeks now and I will not say I never have pain, however I feel better than I have in three years which is a powerful statement. I feel as if my life is worth trying to get better, I think I can try to strengthen my spine now and perhaps have a chance for a normal life.

We are now working on my knees. My first surgery was over 26 years ago, and have had three since that time. After just three sessions, I do not even notice them.

Dr. Yeh has done more to improve my pain than numerous surgeries and any medication has ever done. I am so thankful and lucky to have discovered his practice and wish I had known about it years ago.


January 21, 2008 | Norma

Experiencing lower back pain off and on for 20years

I've been experiencing lower back pain off and on for approximately 20 years. Nothing severe enough to warrant a visit to an orthopedist which could have lead to back surgery. It has been a constant, and aggravating pain that became more and more noticable as I aged and became more overweight. In the last few years, I've had trobule standing and sitting for long periods of time, for example a long trip in a car or airplane. It was affecting my level of activity, what I could do and felt I could not do. Then finally it was affecting my ability to getting a good night's rest. I saw a couple of chiropractors which didn't alleviate the discomfort significantly.

I then started seeing Dr. Yeh at Dallas Acupuncture Clinic about a year ago. The treatment I've received from these Drs, have made a significant difference in the way I feel, less pain, better sleep, and more energy. I am not saying that I'm pain free, however, when I follow the regiment number of visits they recommend, I notice a significant difference in the way I feel and the level of activity I'm able to do now.

Hopefully, if I can continue to get treatment form these fine Doctors, I'll be a lot better in the future.

Norma A.

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