November 13, 2010 | Charlene

Peripheral neuropathy in feet and legs for over 15 years


I have had peripheral neuropathy in my feet and legs for over 15 years. I have consulted medical doctors, neurologists, chiropractors and had muscular activation therapy. Some of them were able to give me temporary relief but nothing that was lasting. I was limited in all activity. The neuropathy started with my big toes going numb. Soon, all my toes and the balls of my feet were numb. My feet burned as if I were walking on hot marbles. It then affected my legs. I had a constant leg ache and they were so tender it hurt to touch them. The ache became worse in the evenings and affected my sleep. I had to limit the time that I would be on my feet because the pain was unbearable. My balance was so bad that I feared falling. I was not looking forward to the rest of my life.

In addition to the neuropathy, my right shoulder was trying to freeze up on me. It would ache so badly that it would wake me two or three times during the night. In August, my shoulder was hurting and I had spent a miserable night with a bad leg ache. I prayed for help. Several years ago, I had acupuncture for my shoulder and it had helped. I went online to see if I could find a doctor that I could afford. The first website I looked at was Dallas Acupuncture Clinic. I felt that my prayer had been answered. I was able to afford this. Dr. Jane saw me that day.

She treated my shoulder first, because it was hurting worse than my legs. I started getting relief from the pain the first day. It took about a month to finally heal it.

Then she started on my legs. I thought I would never again feel this good. I am so grateful to Dr. Jane. The quality of my life has improved about 90%. We are not quite through, but I plan to continue with her until we are finished.

I have recommended her to another person who I knew had neuropathy. She is also happy with her improvement.

I recommend Dr. Jane to anybody who has pain and is willing to cooperate with her. She has been the answer to my prayers.


Respectfully submitted,


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