Nerve Ingury

May 10, 2009 | Richard

severe swelling and pain


I write to offer my sincere thanks for your unique and effective services, and also to offer my testimonial.

When I came to you on Thursday, April 30, 2009, I had been experiencing severe swelling and pain in my right hand for the previous 3 months. As you know, I could not hold a pen to fill out the medical papers and had to have the receptionist do this for me.

My hand would become numb when I lie down to go to sleep. Within 20 minutes the numbness would increase and become excruciating pain until I got up and twirled my arm to increase circulation. This would take from 20-30 minutes each time. This went on throughout the night without letting up. I was under the belief that this was related to another illness that I had contracted in January 2008 but I was wrong.

Concluding that something was severely wrong with a nerve or circulation I believed acupuncture would be my best bet for a remedy and I found your office in the yellow pages.

After my first visit with you the pain did not return. You explained that relieving the pain is quite simple, however, I cannot express enough the relief I felt by having a pain free night.

Even so, my sleepless nights continued due to the irritating numbness and tingling sensations. As I continued my daily treatments with you I could notice the numbness subsiding. Finally, on Sunday, May 03 and every night thereafter I was finally able to get a full nights sleep - the first in 3 months. Although I still have minor numbness and tingling in the tips of the two target fingers I am confident that your treatments will eventually eliminate it.

Once again I thank you for your services for which I received every penny’s worth. If I am ever in need I will not hesitate to visit you again.


Best regards,
Dallas, TX 75287


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