April 20, 2011 | Johnny

Plagued with insomnia

I was plagued with insomnia from November 2009 until September 2010. I believe with all my heart & soull that I was lead to Dr. Jane Yeh (of Dallas Acupuncture Clinic & Nasal Treatment Center) by God.

I knew early on that I did not want to use sleeping pills, medicines, health supplements, etc. because I knew that although these have proven effective for some people - there is limited success @ best & even with those success stories, these remedies would only be a "band-aid approach" - a temporary fix with the underlying problems still present. I also know from my experience as a Paramedic with the Dallas Fire Department (over 31 years) that all medicines have side effects that typically are worse than the original medical issue.

With all this in mind I sought out a method of approaching this insomnia issue with the intent of returning my body to where it was originally. We are by nature intended to sleep @ night as our body needs rest to replenish us with the energy to take on the next day (as well as heal from all the stress of the day before). I have used a Chiropractor for more than 20 years & the message of Chiropractics is to return the spinal alignment either due to its original "setting" - in other words back pain can be due to the spine injury from a fall or car accident, etc. Chiropractors realign your spine through adjustments & manipulations to restore the spine to its original position to help you. A Chiropractor suggested using Acupuncture as a safe & effective way to relieve my insomnia.

I decided on using Dr. Yeh by doing a little research. I knew I did not want someone who had gone to a school here in this country because the true Science of Acupuncture began Centuries ago in the Far East. I do believe we have made many advances in medicine by learning how our bodies "talk" to us by having issues come into play resulting from us not paying attention to things we are doing. An easier way of saying this is, for instance, we see people having issues with high blood pressure & heart problems simply because they do not "listen" to their bodies. We are constantly bombarded with different types of stress. Stress is not inherently bad - we actually grow stronger as we learn to cop with stress; however, if we do not EFFECTIVELY deal with stress - the stress deals with us by giving us high blood pressure, heart problems, & many other maladies. I knew when I saw that Dr. Yeh was from Taiwan that she came from a country that long ago had begun a practice of using this technique of Acupuncture to deal with physical problems most people experienced. The other key selling point of the website for Dr. Yeh's practice was the Testimonials of people who had been treated by her & had some phenomenal results. Each Testimonial gave examples & discussed how miraculously they had been cured by Dr Yeh's techniques. (Some people had even gone to other Acupuncturists with little or no success.

I honestly felt Spirit Lead to Dr. Yeh & trusted her with my insomnia because she is a Professional. I felt as though I had to give her a fair chance to resolve my insomnia issues & I knew the alternative would be using the poor substitute remedies (sleeping pills, medicines, etc).

Dr. Yeh told me @ my 1st session that this would take somewhere between roughly 20 to 30 sessions (each person's issue is different - some might need much less treatment consideration, a few other people more, but those are extreme cases). I started the treatment in late June 2010 & completed my 20th session around the middle of August (although I had high expectations - I had not seen any remedy to my insomnia). Dr. Yeh reminded me that she had said it would be probably between 20 to 20 sessions & I continued until my 30th session in September 2010. I had to go out of town right after that session & still had seen no results.

My surprise came the first night back at home when I got in bed to go to sleep. Prior to this night (for almost a year) I would toss and turn in bed for a couple of hours, then get up & read watch TV, Pray .. anything, but would not get a good night's sleep. On this night I went right to sleep & slept for 8 hours. I not only had the best & most relaxing sleep I had in more than 30 years (I am now 56); but, I dreamed like never before. That next morning I had more energy than I can ever remember from a night's sleep. I can only say that I now sleep every night might effortlessly. I almost always dream, & sometimes when I wake the next morning I am surprised where I am when I wake because the dreams are so real & relaxing...I have a hard time believing I am in my own bed when I wake.

Before seeing Dr. Yeh, I never drank more than 1 cup of coffee every 3 days - on the day I went to work @ the Fire Station, but I did drink 8-10 Diet Dr. Peppers every day. I had stopped this when the insomnia started in November 2009.After the 30th session with Dr. Yeh, I began drinking the 1 cup of coffee every 3rd day & slowly introducing the Diet Dr. Peppers & have not seen any problem with the insomnia. I can have a cup of coffee by my bedside, finish it, & go right to sleep without any issues. I still have a great night's sleep, have more energy than I have ever had, & am doing more in my life than I thought possible.

Dr. Yeh explained to me @ my 1st session that Acupuncture is a method of "realigning the body's energy" to its normal posistion. Stress, anxiety, poor diet, lack of exercise etc., disrupt the body's natural flow of energy & Acupuncture realigns the body back to the correct pathway of energy flow. The energy flow pathway that your body was designed to have its restored & the body once again functions as God intended.

I will always be thankful to Dr. Yeh & her kind, thoughtful, polite attitude that made her techniques of Acupuncture the Amazing Success for me. I would highly recommend you seek out Dr. Yeh & let her help you with whatever issue that is causing you discomfort in your life. I have recommended Dr. Yeh to numerous Firemen in the Dallas Fire Department (@ least one fireman has seen Dr. Yeh & is happy with the results). I have recommended Dr. Yeh to numerous patients that I have seen in my duties as a Fireman & Paramedic on the Dallas Fire Department. My wife just started seeing Dr. Yeh in the middle of April 2011, with some back pain issues that have not been resolved thru Chiropractor care (&my wife is already seeing results after her 1st session with Dr. Yeh).

Plano, TX

October 22, 2012 | Than N.

Problem with sleeping and chronic insomnia for over 15 years

I have had problem with sleeping and chronic insomnia for over 15 years. Over the years, I have read many books and articles on sleeping and have tried many things. I have tried over-the-counter sleeping pills (i.e. Unisom, Benadryl, etc) as well as natural supplements (Valerian, herbal teas, chamomile, lavender, etc.) but they either didn't work or only worked temporarily. I have also gone to see multiple medical doctors and even a sleep specialist with limited results. I don't like taking any type of medications but I got desperate and began taking prenoion pills prescribed by the doctors. I tried various medications (Sonata, Ambien, Lunesta, etc.) and the pills gave me headaches and made me feel groggy all day and I became addicted to them and could not sleep at all without the pills.

I was very sleep deprived and completely exhausted and had reached a point where I didn't want to continue live my life feeling terrible everyday and the insomnia was negatively impacting all aspects of my life. I knew I had to make a change and went to see Dr. Yeh for acupuncture treatments. He was my last hope since I have tried almost everything and nothing worked well.

I began seeing Dr. Yeh in August 2010 and with every treatment, I began to sleep better little by little and started tapering off the sleeping pills. Since my chronic insomnia was very severe, it took over 2 months of treatments but I am now able to sleep deeply for the first time in over 15 years. I have tried acupuncture treatments with other clinics before but Dr. Yeh's acupuncture treatments combined with his customized treatments worked very well and have helped me eliminate the prenoion sleeping pills. I am now sleeping well without any medications.

Many thanks to Dr. Yeh for his willingness to take on such a difficult case when no one else could help me. Dr. Yeh showed a lot of patience and compassion and did whatever it took to help me sleep again. His fees are the lowest anywhere and he truly cares about making sure his patients' problems are resolved. He is my hero and I will be forever grateful!!

Than N.

July 3, 2012 | Mike

For 25 years I have had difficult in sleeping

For 25 years I have had difficult in sleeping. I was getting 2-3 hours of restless sleep a night. I tried medications such as Ambien, Lunesta, Lorazapam and herbal sleep aids, but I either had no results at all or I had an unrefreshing drug induced sleep that left me feeling sluggish and foggy all day. Through a friend, I was introduced to Dr. Jane Yeh, a Licensed Acupuncturists, of the Dallas Acupuncture Clinic and Nasal Treatment Center. Jane explained what she was going to do and I started the treatments immediately. I began feeling significant improvement with my insomnia after just a few visits and immense continued improvement after several treatments. At this point in time my condition feels 90% better. I now get a restful 5-6 hours of sleep every night and feel awake and refreshed in the mornings. It has mad a big difference to me and there are no pills or herbs to take either!

During the treatments I felt extremely relaxed with an almost "floaty" euphoric feeling with a distinct magnetic current moving throughout my body. The clinic is clean with a calming atmosphere and Jane is very genuine, welcoming and professional.

I would recommend this treatment for insomnia to anybody wishing to eliminate the need or dependency on harmful or even potentially dangerous medications that could have lasting side effects on our bodies. It can bring back normal function so as to lead a healthful lifestyle, something everyone deserves to give themselves.

Each session, along with being extremely calming in and of itself, has contributed to what I've noticed has been a real increase in my ability to sleep well and through the night. I'm so pleased with the results and I definitely recommend it to others with insomnia.

Allen, TX

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