December 28, 2009 | Barbara D.

the pain of the fibromyalgia (intense pain)

Please be informed that I am unable to openyour electronic communications on my computer and would therefore appreciate any explanations of my coverage in the postal mail.

I am getting relief using the services of my acupuncturists in Richardson, Texas. I have over the last ten years been unsuccessful using the conventional doctors' services pain management, chiropractic, rheumatologist, and other modalities, however, none of the above mentioned have provided the relief received with/through the services of the acupuncturists.

Besides the pain of the fibromyalgia I have difficulty (intense pain) throughout my body which is alleviated with the treatments received and the aqua therapy which I do two to four times per week. The level of pain experienced has, unfortunately, interrupted my ability to sleep which has added to the difficulties I am experiencing.

I have intense back and leg (knee) discomfort which is less intense with the treatments.

I can be reached at my cell phone number: 214-714-6206 if you have any questions.

I appreciate your cooperation in this request and hope to continue with my treatments so that I can walk and avoid any decision to have surgery.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Most sincerely, Barbara D.

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