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February 20, 2012 | Baby Medina

To the Ones with No Hope - Infertility

Hello my wife and I started getting treated with Dr. Jane Yeh in September of 2011. The main reason why we started visiting them was due to my Wife’s (Alice) feet problems. I have a co-worker that had the same issue and their treatment was working wonders for her, so we decided to try them.

At first like any type of new treatment, we were a little bit hesitant but decided to give it a try since my co-worker spoke so highly of them. Alice started getting treated for her feet and she immediately saw and felt the difference. Here swelling went down, and her pain level did as well. You see, alice had been told by podiatrist that her plantar fasciitis was only going to get worse and there was no permanent cure for it. Dr. Jane Yeh made us change our opinion really quickly. As you can image Alice, a dancer and dance teacher by profession, was extremely happy that she was not going to have to stop doing what she loved so much.

At the same time this was going on, we were visiting an infertility doctor in the Dallas area trying to conceive. Come to find out, Dr. Jane Yeh also treated infertility but not only that, she also could treat PCOS, which is the main condition that my wife lived with. At that point and since the foot treatment had worked so well, we decided to give it a try and both of us started getting treated for infertility. I also had found out that my sperm count was low and was going to need to improve that. Dr. Jane Yeh was very honest and told us that at the beginning we were going to have to attend her clinic 14 days straight and after 14 days we could go down to 5 or 6. We followed orders and I could immediately feel the difference in our bodies. A lot more relaxed, sleeping beter, better moods, ETC… Dr. Jane Yeh also told us that she was going to need at least 3 months commitment from us in order for the Acupuncture and Acupressure to work. So we put our minds to it and follow the Dr’s orders.

All of this happened between September and October 2011, fast forward to November 2011. Alice notices that her cycle have become regular in the last 2 months (a basic symptom of PCOS women is that they don’t have regular periods). She also notices after our Thanksgiving vacation that she had not gotten her last cycle, and she starts to worry. She talks to the infertility doctor, which mentions that she needs to have blood work done in order to verify she is not pregnant before giving her a prescription for provera. To our surprise her hormone levels indicated nothing was happening and even her house pregnancy test came back negative. She still felt there was something different about it this time. She decided to wait a couple more weeks and try another blood exam, this is when the hormone levels started changing and started to indicate that there was a possibility that she was pregnant. After many blood test and another house pregnancy test and on the Morning of December 24, 2011 we finally started celebrating, Alice was pregnant!!

Fast forward to February 23, 2012, we are now in our 13-14 week of pregnancy and with all of the symptoms. We feel that we would have not been able to get to this point without the help, counseling and great environment that Dr. Jane Yeh provided for us. We would recommend to anyone without any Hope to give visit them, listen and follow their advice and you will not be disappointed. Just in case you are one of those that only believe in what they see… I have attached a picture of the latest sonogram…

Baby Medina, 2-20-2012.


November 24, 2012 | H. Milo

RE: HSP (Henoch Schonlein Purpura) Severe stomach pain

I am writing to share my relief and gladness about Dr. Jane Yeh.

About mid-July of this year my three- year old son started complaining of stomach pain. The pediatrician believed it was a virus, and suggested ibuprofen for the pain. A week later, the stomach pain was no better. More ibuprofen, which started wearing off before the six hours in between doses. We began alternating Tylenol with ibuprofen, so every three hours he would receive pain reliever that still only provided about 2 hours of relief.

He would lie on the floor, clutch his stomach and cry. “My tummy hurts”. He did not eat much. He started to complain of pain in his knees and his groin area. We took two trips to the emergency room in the middle of the night, because the complaining turned to screaming in pain and vomiting. The first visit the doctors could find nothing wrong, though they took x-rays and blood tests and urine tests. The recommended we take him to the local children’s hospital. We took him in to see a children’s specialist. The doctor performed an endoscopy to see if there was any evidence of ulcer, celiac, or other allergies. He took a biopsy of my three-year old son’s stomach tissue. Found nothing. Performed an ultrasound. Found nothing.

Soon after he had a bout of screaming awful pain in the middle of the night. Off to another emergency room, this time the local children’s hospital, where they gave our son morphine for the pain until they could figure out what was going on. More x-rays, more blood tests, more urine tests. Another ultrasound to check if his bowels or intestines were folded inside. Nothing there either. The doctor spotted a purple spotted rash on his backside. She said it might be Henoch Schonlein Purpura, or “HSP” for short, which is characterized by such a rash and sometimes severe stomach pain. It is a condition were blood vessels become inflamed (or “vasculities”), resulting in the rash on the skin and, in the case of stomach pain, inflammation of blood vessels in the stomach lining which is like having a “stomach migraine”. It is supposed to be a temporary condition which children often recover from, though some people on the internet told stories of dealing with the condition for at least two years. Scary stuff, as we did not want to medicate our son with NSAID’s every day for two years! (NSAID is short for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug – examples of these are ibuprofen and aspirin. There has been much coverage in the news lately about the damaging effects of long-term NSAID use.)

Took him back to the pediatrician, who confirmed that my son’s symptoms did indeed match those of HSP. Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do except give him steroids for the inflammation. We did not know what else to do. One week of steroids lasted about a week and a half for pain relief. Then the pain was back. The doctor prescribed a second round of steroids. We were uncomfortable with the amount of medication we were putting into our three-year old boy, but we had no choice. It was either that or moaning pain every day, every three hours. The second round of steroids had mixed results. I started doing research online and found one mention of how acupuncture seemed to help. We found Dr. Yeh online and were encouraged that she specialized in hopeless cases, since we definitely were more than scared at this point that our son might be getting worse instead of better, what with all the medication, very poor sleep and little ability to eat.

He was still on steroids when we brought him to see Dr. Yeh. We were hopeful when she said she could help. Dr. Yeh said that the method she used worked best if we came in every day for 30 days. So we committed to that without question, even though we lived 45 miles away from her office, because it was so much better than the alternative. From day one, his intermittent pain ceased. We were able to reduce the amount of steroids gradually and take him off them completely much sooner than if he had finished the bottle. He has not had any troublesome pain since. (His rash, which was very mild, cleared up in the first week or so.) I think some people might say he was getting over the HSP anyway, or that the second round of steroids finally did the trick. I do not believe this is the case, since the change from intermittent pain to no pain occurred with our first visit to Dr. Yeh, and the pain did not return after that day. We are so thankful for a medication-free solution to this terrible pain. We continued to see Dr. Yeh a few times per month after our 30 days, just to make sure the method was still holding. There has been no evidence of HSP since.

I would greatly encourage anyone suffering from HSP to try Dr. Yeh at Dallas Acupuncture Clinic.

Sincerely, H. Milo

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