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July 22, 2011 | Ann

Breast Cancer - hot flashes, insomnia, and fatigue

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and had to stop the hormone replacement therapy that I had taken since 1995. I immediately developed severe menopausal symptoms which included significant hot flashes, insomnia, and fatigue. Prior to this I would fall asleep within 5 minutes of my head hitting the pillow and sleep a deep restful sleep all night. I tried various sleep medications that were prescribed by my doctors which helped some but I did not like the side effects of these medications. I would still wake up during the night with 3-4 hot flashes that interrupt my sleep. I also was having between 10-12 hot flashes throughout the day. I also tried Venlafaxine, the generic of Effexor which is known to be helpful for hot flashes. It did help the hot flashes but the other side effects of nausea, blurred vision, and fogginess were intolerable.

I had done some research and found that the National Cancer Institute had done some studies comparing acupuncture to these other medication remedies for the treatment of hot flashes and the results were quite impressive for acupuncture. I also read a study by Dr. Eleanor M. Walker who is the director of Breast Radiation oncology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and she pointed out that there was a large body of data that demonstrated the benefits of acupuncture in menopausal women.

I decided to try this form of treatment and did some extensive research on acupuncture providers. I selected Dr. Jane Yeh and her husband Dr. Yung Yeh. Dr. Jane recommended a series of 30 treatments as often as my schedule permitted. She explained that daily treatments would be optimal. Although I was rather skeptical I started these treatments. I went daily for almost two and half weeks and then 2-3 times a week for the remainder of the treatments. Within the few treatments I noticed significant improvement in my sleep. I could fall asleep more quickly and had a deeper quality to my sleep. I woke up feeling rested again! I also started to experience a decrease in the hot flashes. They were less severe and occurred with less frequency, going from 10-12 down to 4 day. I progressed to the point where I had no hot flashed and felt more like myself in terms of energy, focus, and a sense of well-being.

Because my case had been so severe Dr. Jane recommended that I continue once a week treatments for an additional month. I then took a break for 7-8 weeks and the hot flashed gradually started to return although much less severe and fewer overall.

Now I feel best when I have one weekly acupuncture treatment a week although I can skip a few weeks and not have a return of symptoms.

I have also suffered from back and neck pain from time to time due to degenerative disc disease and Dr. Jane has provided quick relief for those symptoms as well.

Dr. Jane Yeh is a very dedicated health care provider. She makes every effort to be available to accommodate your schedule and ensure that you can have your treatments. She charges a reasonable fee compared to other providers which helps make the treatment more affordable. She and her husband are very caring of their patients and committed to improving the quality of your health.

I would highly recommend this form of treatment for people who are suffering severe menopausal symptoms and who are unable to take replacement hormones or who choose to find an alternative to medication therapy. I have also referred several clients to Dr. Jane and everyone has been pleased. They have sought treatment for hip pain, sinus problems, and sleep problems and all have reported improvement in symptoms.

Most sincerely, Ann from McKinney TX

April 2, 2008 | Kathleen

Breast cancer and metastatic cancer to the bones

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and in 2003, with metastatic cancer to the bones. When I received the metastatic diagnosis, I was told there was no hope of survival and that my life would be greatly limited.

I have researched and found many therapies that have allowed me to continue to survive and do what many doctors have said was impossible.

Due to the spread of cancer throughout my skeleton, after two surgeries to repair my right eye of a macular cyst and then a cataract as well as a paralyzed pupil, my eyesight continued to decline. I was sent to specialists for the surgeries and then to a Neurological Ophthalmologist, Dr. Nick Hogan, of the Astin center at UT Southwest Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

After much testing, including another MRI, it was found that there is sclerotic tissue in the back of the right eye due to the spread of cancer in the bone behind the eye. This scar tissue impinged on the optic nerve and limited my eyesight to 20/200 and was steadily becoming worse. Dr. Hogan said that “no fix was available” and his concern was that I may lose all vision in the right eye.

I remembered having taken my daughter, Mary Flick, who had broken her back and had surgery which created more pain, to see Dr. Yung C. Yeh and his wife, Jane Chen-O Yeh, five years ago. Somehow they did the incredible and relieved my daughter of intense pain. I wondered if they may be able to help me as well.

I spoke with a friend who is in Veterinary School at Texas A&M and she recommended I try acupuncture as she had just taken a course in that subject at school and was very impressed with its ability to accomplish what Western medicine could not.

Before I started treatment with Dr. Yeh, I had little peripheral vision and no ability to see anything clearly with the right eye. After consulting with Dr. Yeh, he told me he would do research to find the best approach possible to help me. After the first session in which both he and his wife participated, my peripheral vision was back! To say that I was overjoyed is an understatement.

Previously looking out of the right eye was much like looking out of a long dark tunnel. To have my peripheral vision restored was a gift that I will never forget. Not only has my peripheral vision been restored, but I have much improved function of the pupil.

I live an hour away from Dr. Yeh’s office in Richardson, Texas so I drive two hours each day for treatment that has improved both the clarity of my vision as well as allows me to experience peripheral vision again. I am an educated woman who has done tremendous amounts of research in mhy journey to stay alive and remain active. I have never encountered anyone as dedicated to the well being of their patients as Dr. Yung C. Yeh and his wife, Jane Chen-O Yeh.

Their commitment to the healing and restoration of the body of their clients has been an amazing observation. In a world where we are often treated as just another number, their commitment ot find answers and their extensive training and commitment to further their knowledge by ongoing education is a rare gift.

I have an understanding that there are rarely any “quick fixes” in this world. The ongoing progress I see each day in my eyesight is proof to me that their work is of the highest caliber and helps me to have complete trust that they know exactly how often I need treatment and for what length of time.

Their kindness and dedication to help what my highly respected Neurological Ophthalmologist said were not fixable, is so appreciated.

Being told so many times throughout my journey of cancer that I was “not fixable” has allowed me to find the treasures of other schools of medicine such as acupuncture. It is my hope that anyone who reads this letter will have an understanding that there are methods other than traditional Western medicines that have validity and are worthy of being experienced.

I would welcome any phone calls that would help others find the miracle of a person like Dr. Yeh and his wife, Jane, who is both a Medical Doctor, M.D. as well as a highly skilled acupuncturist.

There are far too few doctors who are as dedicated to helping others and who could be referred to as what we once called healers as Dr. Yeh.


Kathleen from Ovilla TX

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