Welcome to Dallas Acupuncture and Nasal Treatment Center! Have you run out of hope for your medical condition? Are you tired for treating the symptoms but not the root cause? Does western medicine leave you feeling sick with side effects? Check Our Website For Testimonials! Try Acupuncture Today!

Why Choose Our Clinic

  • Results are immediate, effective for muscular pain, if your condition has not improved,
  • Read testimonials and you will see evidence why we are so confident in our ability.
  • Who cares for your life? ONLY YOU!
  • We use disposable needles.



We always appreciate this great land for giving us opportunities to serve our clients with our unique expertise. In return, we not only show greatest care, patience, respect and compassion for our patients, we also actively participate in lots of community activies each year. In addition, we offer seniors and new clients with great discount.


Please schedule an appointment, we will do our best to treat your condition and bring you amazing results!